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At the heart of every chapter in the Prysmian corporate story are the Group’s vision, mission and values. They're always the fundamental focus of everything we do.

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A strong reputation for performance and innovation helps us deliver sustainable growth and profit.

But we don’t just want to be good for business. We want to be good to do business with. That’s why our values are so important to us. The things we do and the way we approach them are an opportunity to show our pride in our work.

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Whoever the client. Wherever they are. However harsh the environment they operate in. We’re committed to keeping them connected. Every day, we all have the chance to bring our vision to life in our actions. No matter how big, or small, the things we do on a daily basis build up over time and help us deliver on our mission.

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Excellence. Good isn’t good enough. We combine rigour and entrepreneurship to deliver innovative all-round solutions.

Integrity. When it comes to ethics, no challenge is too big, or too small, if it means doing things right.                                

Understanding. We have strong respect for different opinions and ideas, and a keen focus on our customers’ needs.